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Senior Staff Nurse/Paramedic

Job Description and Requirements

Overview of the role

The Nurse / Medic will support the medical team in the management and coordination support for on-site medical services activities, consistent with contractual commitments for client’s project site. This will include professional and competent management of patients, occupational health and education of contractors on site within the realms of the paramedic scope of skills. Interface between Supply Chain and Medical Assistance Center, Medical Service Providers and Client in support of the delivery of medical services.



Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting in providing of care for minor illnesses or injuries including relevant clinical assessment, treatment, and regular follow-up of all cases until complete resolution. 
  • Delivering quality non-emergency and emergency medical/trauma response care, according to written protocols, to all personnel at the work site under rig responsibility. 
  • Ensuring that all emergency medical equipment, including first aid equipment, is in working order and properly maintained. 
  • Conducting first aid and CPR training (non-certified). 
  • Arranging, in coordination with the client, periodic simulated exercises and drills for first responders. 
  • Participating in Rig/ site information campaigns on the subjects of personal protective equipment, healthy lifestyle, and personal precautions for the prevention of transmissible diseases. 

Carrying out periodic audits of:

  • Kitchen and mess areas 
  • Water supply 
  • Sanitation and solid waste treatment practices. 
  • Monitoring health and fitness for duty status of all food handlers. 
  • Ensuring appropriate disposal of clinical waste in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and site policies. 
  • Assisting in the measurement and monitoring of occupational health risks (e.g. noise monitoring). 
  • Maintaining designated triage and multiple casualty response areas. 


  • Computer literate 
  • Good attitude, Team worker, High Integrity 
  • Registered (if register exists), in country of qualification 
  • Able to be registered when register is formed